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The Vlachos Law Firm was founded in Turin in 2012 by Attorney Anna Vlachos in Corso Re Umberto 6, in what has been for more than 40 years the office of Notaries Rostagno and Colombo.

In 2016, Attorney Mattia Minelli joined, becoming an integral part of the firm and since then permanently working alongside Attorney Vlachos in a successful professional partnership.

Since its foundation, the Vlachos Law Firm has benefited from the teachings and daily confrontation with Notary Colombo, thus consolidating with time a special legal preparation in all topics of civil law and in particular in the areas of inheritance, real estate, patrimonial and family law, which have become the prevailing areas of activity of the Firm.

After the first ten years of profession, the Firm expanded and moved from its historical headquarters in Corso Re Umberto 6 to the beautiful setting of Cit Turin, a few steps from the Court, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II No. 204, in a prestigious and completely renovated office.


The Vlachos Law Firm deals with civil law, advising both individuals and businesses in both judicial and extrajudicial matters.

Over the years, the firm has developed in-depth expertise in the areas of individuals, family, estate and inheritance matters.

With reference to the law of natural persons, the firm deals in particular with legal instruments for the protection of weak persons (support administration, interdiction and guardianship, advance declarations of treatment).

With reference to family law, the main areas of activity are separation and divorce proceedings, regulation of personal and property relations between cohabitants and members of civil unions, and measures regarding children.

The firm has gained experience in handling separations and divorces of important personalities, also with regard to special confidentiality requirements.

With reference to estate and inheritance law, the Firm’s activity is highly specialized and qualified, also by virtue of the more than a decade-long shadowing of Notary Colombo, the profitable performance of the notarial apprenticeship by all the Firm’s professionals, as well as the custom in supporting families from large estates before and after the opening of the succession.

In the area of estate and inheritance law, the firm devotes special attention to:

  • estate planning and generational transition, i.e., the study of the family and property situation, followed by advice on the best civil and tax management of the estate and its protection and inheritance transmission, also with a view to preventing possible litigation;
  • advice on the drafting of the will, i.e., translation into legally correct language of the will expressed by the testator, following detailed analysis of the specific situation and possible scenarios;
  • management on behalf of clients of the duties that the law places on those called to the estate, with particular regard to the preparation of the declaration of inheritance and its telematic submission to the Internal Revenue Service as a qualified professional;
  • management of international successions, in which the firm can boast considerable experience;
  • real estate law.

The Firm also has the possibility of availing itself, when necessary, of the collaboration as of counsel of Prof. Avv. Riccardo de Caria, Associate Professor of Economic Law at the Department of Law of the University of Turin, particularly on issues pertaining to asset protection.

Also with reference to asset protection and transmission, the Firm provides legal advice to Clients of leading private bankers and financial advisors.



Founder of the firm and owner since 2012.
After a classical education at Cavour High School, she graduated with honors from the Faculty of Law in Turin, having also completed part of her education in Paris with studies in European law.
She began practicing in 2007, working in a prestigious civil law firm for more than five years, first as a trainee and then since 2010 as a lawyer, training and growing professionally with important Masters.

Since 2022 she is admitted to the Cassazione Court.

She mainly deals with family law and inheritance law, with the high expertise gained in several major assignments.

She also takes care of extrajudicial activity and assisted negotiation and mediation procedures.

She is an Ambassador of the Italian Galateo Academy, of which she directs the Turin office. Since 2020 she has held the qualification of Ceremonialist for Institutions. She teaches Judicial Ceremonial at the Master of Ceremonial, Etiquette and Institutional Events at Sapienza University of Rome.


He joined the Vlachos Law Firm in 2016, completing his law practice and then remaining permanently as an attorney.

He holds a WIPO-UNITO Master of Laws in Intellectual Property (LL.M in IP).
He is highly trained in the application of information technology tools for the benefit of the legal profession.

He mainly deals with real estate and inheritance law, with the high expertise gained in the daily shadowing of Notary Colombo. He is an expert in inheritance taxes, testamentary technique and estate planning (asset protection and transmission tools).

A member of the Turin Chess Society, he regularly participates in chess tournaments.


Associate Professor of Economic Law at the Department of Law, University of Turin and a lawyer registered in the special register of full-time university professors.

At the Vlachos Law Firm, he is of counsel, offering the opportunity to use his expertise for any in-depth study of legal issues pertaining to asset protection.


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