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The founder and managing partner

After finishing her grammar studies at the Liceo Cavour of Torino, the attorney Vlachos graduated cum laude at the age of 23 from the Faculty of Law of Torino. Her curriculum included studies of EU law in Paris.

She started practicing in 2007, working in a primary law firm in Torino for more than five years, first as a trainee and – from 2010 – as a fully qualified attorney, growing professionally with prominent guides.

On top of earning a short Master’s degree in family law from the the A.I.Di.F. (Avvocatura Italiana per i Diritti delle Famiglie, Italian lawyers for the rights of families), she perfected her legal education by regularly attending specialisation and refresher courses in several areas of private law, at the same time making studies of communication and linguistics, particularly relevant for the legal profession (and for the courses that the attorney Vlachos teaches).

In the area of family law, the attorney Vlachos has developed a great expertise in a field with a vast potential, though still largely unexploited in Italy, namely prenuptial agreements, derived from the American experience and applicable with great convenience also in the Italian legal system.

Thanks to her dedication and professional abilities, she has already received in only a few years some prestigious assignments as an outside counsel for Province and Comuni, as well as for private clients and Italian and multinational companies. These assignments have allowed her to establish her own Firm, as she had been planning since the beginning of her legal studies.